• Fuelthe Fire

    Has the fire burned out? Has God’s mission grown dim?

    “The mission of God is moved through fire.”

    We can catch a new fire--a new generation ignited with the love of God. The all-consuming mission of God is alive. It’s burning. Fuel the fire.

  • Churchon the Decline

    We believe that NOW is the time to re-evangelize North America!

    “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.”

    As culture emerges into an age of broad connectedness without deep relationship, the church is faced with choices...

  • MissionTraining

    “Are we sharing
    a different gospel
    than the first Christians?”

    We don’t see millions and millions of Jesus-like people running around; rather, we see a society of people who don’t know Jesus.

  • CatalyzeCoach Training

    “Registration is open!

    Catalyze Coaching trains you to unlock the God’s calling in the life of others. In this 28-week certification program you will learn to engage with people in a radically different way and transform your ministry.

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Video Library

We invite you to browse our video library to learn more about Mission Alive and our missional approach to church planting.

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Mission Training

Want more training for mission in North America?  Check out our upcoming training dates.

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Read more at our Missional Church Planting blog by clicking the button below.

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This is the course schedule for the two Catalyze Coach Training cycles that are available next year.  In order to receive certification, you must complete one cycle.







Registration Deadline

Jun 10, 2016 

Dec 9, 2016

Late Registration

 Jul 1, 2016

Dec 30, 2016

Weeks 1-6 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Pre-Lab Readings
  •           1-60 min. video conference
  •           1-Online training module
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching calls with Mentor
 Jul 10-Aug 18

Jan 9-Feb 17

Week 8 – Training Lab (Dallas)

  •          Thurs 1-5pm, Fri & Sat 8-5pm
 Aug 25-27

Feb 23-25

Weeks 9-12 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Readings
  •           1-60 min. video conference
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching alls with Mentor
  •           1-Online training module
 Aug 28-Sept 29

Mar 6-Mar 31

Weeks 13-28 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Readings
  •           Coach 2 coachees for minimum of 7 sessions
  •           4-60 min. 1:1 Supervision Calls with Mentor
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching calls with Mentor
  •           2 Online training modules
  •           1 60 min. Video conference
 Oct 2-Jan 19

Apr 3-Jul 21


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