Leadership of Mission Alive

leadership-key1 The Mission Alive team brings different gifts to this ministry. Each member has a role he or she fulfills within the ministry and with our church planters.

The Board of Directors of Mission Alive is currently made up of leaders committed to the growth and transformation of communities through church plantings.

Mission Alive also consults an Advisory Board beyond the staff and governing board.


  • Tod Vogt >

    Tod K Vogt has served as Mission Alive's Executive Director since January 2015. In his role he works with the board of directors and the Read More
  • Charles Kiser >

    Charles Kiser is the Director of Training for Mission Alive. In this role Charles works primarily to equip church planters and leaders through Mission Training, Read More
  • Steve Shaffer >

    Steve is a Mission Alive Mission Specialist. In his role he coaches church leaders as they participate in Mission Training to renew their church, co-directs Read More
  • Gailyn Van Rheenen >

    Gailyn focuses on huddling leaders, connecting with church planters, and writing content for the ministry. Read More
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A Partner in Ministry

Church Partnerships

Mission Alive is in partnership with churches and church plantings across North America.

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