Place of Employment: Northcrest Church of Christ, Mexia, Texas

Position: Preaching Minister

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  • Bachelor of Arts (1999) from Abilene Christian University.
  • Master of Divinity (2002), Doctor of Ministry (2009 from Abilene Christian University.


Publications: “Do Not Be Surprised”: Rejection and the Christian Story, Leaven, Third Quarter 2012


Favorite Things to do on a Saturday Afternoon: Watch, play, coach sports with my kids. Read. Family time.


Favorite Authors: Eugene Peterson, Barbara Brown Taylor, Jennifer Haigh

How does serving with Mission Alive emanate from or fulfil your calling?

have some experience as a church planter. I have more experience as a preacher for established churches. But I connect the ways I serve in ministry to Jesus’ first two parables in Luke 15 and its focus on seeking and saving the lost. As a church planter, I saw myself as a shepherd who left the 99 behind and went out looking for the one lost sheep. As a preacher, I see myself more like the widow who is searching for the lost coin inside the house. Though the kind of seeking is different, the objective is always to help find and restore the lost. With its foci on church planting and missional renewal in established congregations, Mission Alive is an organization that takes and empowers others to take bold steps toward restoring the lost whether they are outside of the pen or inside the house.


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