Home Church: Sycamore View Church of Christ

Place of Employment: Sycamore View Church of Christ

Position: Executive Minister

Related websites: Sycamore View

Education: University of Missouri MA

Publications:  Strands, They Sing Christmas Up in Harlem,  Walking the Winds: American Tales

Favorite Things to do on a Saturday Afternoon: Spend time with my family

Favorite Authors: Howard Thurman, C.S. Lewis, Dallas Willard, Thomas Merton

How does serving with Mission Alive emanate from or fulfill your calling?

God has called me to lovingly provide and foster opportunities for transformation in the lives of people.  Mission Alive allows me to participate in the support and formation of coaches, , and church planters who possess I unique ability to usher people into the presence of God where transformation and real substantive change can occur.

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