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Dr. Money's Story

Dr. Royce Money joined us at the DFW Celebration & Benefit Dinner on February 21, 2014 sharing a vision for the future of the North American church, and the role that ministries like Mission Alive play in "restoring the church to its evangelistic place."

Missio Alliance Partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Mission Alive and Missio Alliance! Missio Alliance gathers Christian leaders from across North America to engage in theological and practical discussion about the challenges of ministry.


Redland Hills Story

Wes and Amanda are the church planters of Redland Hills Church in Wetumpka, Alabama. They celebrated their first birthday in January 2015. Redland Hills is a neighborhood church in a suburban bedroom community that is practicing everyday discipleship and mission right in their backyard. You can check them out here.

Fuel the Fire Frank's Story Redland Hills Story

Fuel the Fire of God's Mission

Has the fire burned out? Has God’s mission grown dim? The mission of God is moved through fire. We can catch a new fire--a new generation ignited with the love of God. The all-consuming mission of God is alive. It’s burning. Fuel the fire.

Frank's Story

Watch the story of Frank from Williamsburg, Virginia, who has come from homelessness to self-sufficiency, from lostness of salvation as he again discovered God and has become a disciple who makes disciples.

Redland Hills Church Planting

Wes & Amanda Gunn, along with Tim & Diane Castro are planting the Redland Hills Church in Wetumpka, Alabama. Listen as Wes shares the stories of the beginnings at Redland Hills at the DFW Celebration dinner.

Flo's Story Mission Alive Canada Margaret Story

Flo's Story

This is the video testimony of Flo, a woman who was reached and baptized by the River City Christian Community in Wichita, Kansas.

A Church Planter's Story

Kevin Vance, church planter of Gentle Road Church of Christ in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, shares his journey into church planting and the mission of God.

Margaret's Story

Watch Margaret A's video testimony describing her journey to become part of the Gentle Road Church of Christ church plant in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Fred Liggin Wesley Esquivel Charles Kiser

A ReVision Church's Story

Fred Liggin, Lead Minister of the Williamsburg Christian Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, shares his congregation's journey into missional renewal.


Wesley Esquivel, church planter at ONEcommunity in Mesquite, Texas, discusses how Mission Alive helps church planters.

Mission Alive's Story

Charles Kiser, staff member and church planter with Storyline Christian Community in Dallas, Texas, shares his intersection with the story of Mission Alive.

Gailyn Van Rheenan Missional Church Simple Deborah's Story

Mission Alive Introduction

This is a video introduction to Mission Alive. Gailyn Van Rheenen along with other staff members and church planters discuss our purpose.

Missional Church-Simple

Watch a two-minute explanation by Jeff Maguire and friends about "missional church" and a more simple approach.

Deborah's Story

Storyline Christian Community lives to discover its place in God's story through dependence on God, mission, life change and genuine relationships. Watch Deborah's story of connection to Storyline.

Gentle Road Church of Christ Mission Alive Canada Church Renewal Mission Alive ReVision Dr. Harold Shank Plant Churches

Mission Alive in Canada

Mission Alive and our partnering churches coach, equip, and support Kevin Vance and the Gentle Road Church of Christ in Canada. Watch what God is doing in Canada!

Mission Alive's ReVision Ministry

Mission Alive engages existing churches to equip them
for renewal in their own church as well as partnership
in church planting.

Why Plant Churches?

Dr. Harold Shank of Oklahoma Christian University discusses the reason for church planting and how church planting grows the Kingdom of God.

Lowell's Baptism Theology to Practice The Importance of Church Planting in North America

Lowell's Baptism

Storyline Christian Community lives to discover its place in God's story through dependence on God, mission, life change and genuine relationships. Watch Lowell's baptism at Storyline.

From Theology to Practice

There are two types of leaders: those who listen to human voices to guide them forward, and those who listen to God's voice. Mission Alive's training seeks to equip leaders to listen to God's voice in their ministries.

The importance of Church Planting in N. America

This video is an excerpt from the Mission Alive Celebration in February 2011. Dr. Harold Shank, former church planter and President of Ohio Valley University, addresses the importance of church planting in North America.



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