• Church_Closing_croppedHas God laid on your heart a passion for seeing disconnected people connect with Him?
  • Is there a developing community in your area that needs a viable church?
  • Do you desire to to be like the apostle Paul and not build on someone else's foundaton?
  • Should your congregation begin a movement of new churches throughout your region?
  • Do you hunger to share the love of Christ in new and meaningful ways?
  • Does your congregation need to rediscover God's purpose for your church?
  • Have you been resisting God's calling to be one of His 'sent ones'?


Mission Alive looks for churches and individuals whom God is calling and comes alongside them to help them fulfill that calling. Through equipping labs, coaching, readings, dialog and much prayer, Mission Alive helps church palnters and leaders of existing churches develop plans, rooted in good theology, to embody God's Mission. Mission Alive walks with existing churches as they revision their role in their community and develop new models of ministry. Mission Alive walks with church planters through each stage of starting a new church, from the initial formative stages through the maturity of a newly established church.

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Mission Alive is in partnership with churches and church plantings across North America.

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