"I feel gifted in evangelism and church planting and would like to know more about church planting in urban North America."

I know that many of you are frustrated. You think, "How can I become a church planter in North America?" You have deduced that it is easier to become a church planter in exotic, foreign contprayer_chairexts than in urban North America.

You think,

"Who will support me?"

"What is the nature of church planting?

"Do I do this alone or are there people who could help me?

An alarming percentage of church plantings in North America fail. Often the reason is because individuals launch into church planting without:

  • developing an adequate theological foundation for the new church,
  • fully understanding the local culture and how to speak to into that culture in ways they can understand,
  • the ability to implement strategies which effectively bring unbelievers to Christ.

Mission Alive is here to help you by providing assessment and training labs and collaborative networking within a community of church planters.

Mission Alive believes that no one should plant a church alone. Church planters must learn from each other and be part of a community of learning.


To do:

  • Pray about this opportunity.
  • Contact Mission Alive for information about church planting by calling 214.471.5722
  • Receive Mission Alive updates about urban church planting in North America.
  • If you want to pursue attending a Mission Alive Discovery Lab, use the Contact Us page to connect.

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