Mission Alive believe that the Kingdom of God advances through Kingdom partnerships. No one person, no single ministry can do or be all that is necessary to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation. It requires cooperation. In addition to our Church Planting Networks, Mission Alive has three other kinds of partnerships:



Three Kinds of Partnerships:
Church Planting Partners
Mission Alive Church Planting Partners are churches to which God has given a vision of reproduction. They want to reproduce. They want to become "church-planting churches."

Church Planting Partners work with Mission Alive to identify areas in need of new churches. Frequently, those areas may be developing suburbs or neighborhoods within a short drive of their church building. However, some Church Planting Partners work with Mission Alive to support church planting in a part of the country where existing churches are not strong enough partner with Mission Alive in church planting.

Some Church Planting Partners already have a specific location in mind. Occassionally, the call to become a church-planting church is clear but the location is not. In that case, Mission Alive helps the church develop a partnering relationship with a church planter or church planting team.

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What some of our Church Planting Partners are saying: "We are thankful at Richland Hills Church of Christ to partner with Mission Alive in reaching the lost of North America." --Duane Jenks, Minister of Missions, The Hills Church of Christ

Financial Partners

Mission Alive's Financial Partners are a part of every church that is planted, every life that is redeemed and every person who experiences spiritual transformation as a part of Mission Alive's ministry. 

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Missional Renewal PartnersMission Alive's Missional Renewal Partners are churches which have been convicted of their need to missionally engage their community. They are churches who want to take seriously Christ's words to his disciples, "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." They are churches willing to be sent into their communities as missionaries. Missional Renewal Partners participate in Mission Alive's ReVision ministry. Alongside church planters, they explore what it means to participate in God's mission, what it means for the church to be the second incarnation, how to understand the culture of their local community and develop strategies to introduce their neighbors to Christ.

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"Mission Alive entered into our journey with God and not only began equipping us in theologically informed, practical ways, but helped us develop disciples and leaders along the way. Mission Alive has become a sort of extended family to our church family."

Fred Liggin, Lead Minister

Williamsburg Christian Church

Williamsburg, Virginia