“Changing the Paradigm of Leadership”

We have talked with many church leaders who are concerned about the health of their congregations and the future of the church. As leaders, we often feel the burden of finding the “silver bullet” that will balance changing perspectives, remain true to Scripture, and grow the church. We believe that while we often don’t feel adequate to the challenge, that God can and will lead us forward for the sake of His mission.  As leaders then, our first task is to listen and discern God’s will for our congregations.  Renewal begins with leaders and it begins by changing how we think about our role.

Mission Alive’s Renew! training prepares leaders to listen to their context, apply spiritual discernment in community to discover God’s leading, and act on what God reveals.

Four Phase Process

Phase 1

One Day workshop exploring the need for a changed leadership perspective, introduction to the RDA paradigm and leadership team building.

Phase 2

One-month online Discipleship Cohort focused on personal spiritual discernment. 

Phase 3

Two-day on-site lab applying the RDA paradigm in your context emphasizing cultural listening and leadership discernment practices. 

Phase 4

Six months of group leadership coaching to solidify the RDA practice. 

Leaders Who Experience Renew!Training Will:

  • Grow individually and as a team in their relationship with GodNorthwest_Church_Leaders
  • Learn how to practice spiritual discernment to make church decisions
  • Foster a culture of spiritual leadership and prayer
  • Inspire their congregations with God's vision

For more information call Steve Shaffer at (618) 319-3420 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Phase 1 can be completed before committing to phases 2-4
  • All phases require the participation of the leadership as a team.