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Catalyze Coaching will transform your leadership and give you the tools to unlock the growth potential in every person.  Catalyze coaching conversations are spiritual, intentional, relational, and authentic.  They dive deep addressing core beliefs linking goals to motives so that achievements result in growth. As a coach, your conversations will be rich, rewarding, and powerful.  Those you coach will experience sustainable growth and transformation.  Imagine the possibilities of unlocking the potential of the people in your organization.  You can learn to be the catalyst for sustainable growth in others.

Catalyze Level I for Ministry is a powerful 6-hour workshop that trains you in basic coaching skills so that your conversations will catalyze spiritual growth.

For ministry-minded people who engage in spiritually focused conversations, such as shepherds, teachers, small group leaders, church staff, and discipleship cohort leaders
The onsite workshop will train you and your co-workers in the basics of applied coaching including how to:
  • Think like a coach
  • Ask good questions
  • Listen Authentically
  • Apply healthy accountability
  • Cost: $125/pp (10 minimum)

We'd love to talk with you about conducting this leadership training on your site.  Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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Catalyze Level II for Leadership goes beyond the basics preparing you to apply coaching in leadership settings.   

Perfect for people who have frequent spiritual conversations, work with coaches, supervise ministry leaders, or just want to enhance their coaching skills. Level II training is designed for shepherds, ministers, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and discipleship cohort leaders who want to use coaching in their role, but are not ready for the certification track.
Catalyze Level II for Leadership provides advanced coach training in the Catalyze approach through a 2.5 day interactive workshop. The workshop combines theory with practice giving you both knowledge and skills to begin applying coaching to your leadership setting. Since this is the same workshop we use in our certification track (level III) you can start with level II and then upgrade to level III in the future to complete certification.
In the Level II workshop you will learn:
  • Biblical foundations for Catalyze Coaching
  • The heart of a coach
  • The GEAR model for growth
  • Listen at multiple levels
  • Define SMART goals
  • Craft solid action plans
  • Assess and Reflect
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Structure conversations
  • Cost: $300.00 / per person
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Catalyze Level III certification will prepare you with the knowldege and skills you need to practice coaching in ministry settings or as a profession. You will learn the keys to helping others live out God’s calling in their life, start & stop habits, pursue their life goals, and navigate difficult descisions.

Level III training is for leaders, ministry professionals, those who minister to others in on-going relationships, people who want to professional coaches, of those who want to refine their coaching skills.

This training goes well beyond level II, providing in-depth skill development through practice coaching with direct feedback from a coaching mentor and supervised coaching of real clients over multiple sessions.
The certification track will include:
  • All of level II training
  • Multiple on-line learning modules to expand your knowledge
  • Multiple coaching models
  • Personal coach mentor who oversees your training and provides feedback on your progress as a coach
  • Supervised coaching of two clients 
  • Tools to practice as a coach
  • Training is delivered with a combination of:
    • Course Readings
    • 20 hours live, in-person training
    • 3 hours - live video training
    • 9 hours - 3-way Coach Mentor training calls
    • 6 hours - 1:1 Coaching Supervision
    • Minimum 14 hours coaching 2 clients
  • Provides 52 hours of synchronous training
  • Prepares you for ICF Membership
  • Cost: 5.00 / Per person
    • Refunds -- 100% refund prior to course start; 50% before lab; no refunds after lab date
    • Withdrawals - approved withdrawals will be offered pro-rated credit for a future training cycle.
  • Language: English
  • Training cycles typically begin in Jan and Jul, see the course offerings for specifics
  • Key training modules include:
    • Theological foundations of coaching
    • Role of Relationship and Structure
    • Coaching during Takeoff-Navigate-Land
    • The GEAR model of growth
    • Listening
    • Asking Powerful Questions
    • In-Depth Goal setting
    • Constructing detailed plans using PATHS
    • Exploring core beliefs, values, motives
    • Assessing progress
    • Reflecting and Solidifying growth
    • Adapting to different personality types
  • Key Instructors
    • Stephen Shaffer, ACC, Director of Coaching
    • Paul Partlow, ICF
    • Lantz Howard
    • Tod Vogt, ICF

Mission Alive’s Director of Coach Training, Steve Shaffer, is an ICF ACC and coach trainer.

If you have questions, contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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This is the course schedule for the two Catalyze Coach Training cycles that are available next year.  In order to receive certification, you must complete one cycle.







Registration Deadline

TBD Jun 2018 

Dec 8, 2017

Late Registration

 TBD Jul 2018

Dec 29, 2017

Weeks 1-6 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Pre-Lab Readings
  •           1-60 min. video conference
  •           1-Online training module
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching calls with Mentor
Jul - Aug Lab

Jan 7-Feb 22

Week 8 – Training Lab (Dallas)

  •          Thurs 1-5pm, Fri & Sat 8-5pm
 TBD Aug 2018

Feb 22-24

Weeks 9-12 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Readings
  •           1-60 min. video conference
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching alls with Mentor
  •           1-Online training module
 Aug Lab - Sept

Mar 4-Mar 31

Weeks 13-28 (~3 hrs/wk)

  •           Readings
  •           Coach 2 coachees for minimum of 7 sessions
  •           4-60 min. 1:1 Supervision Calls with Mentor
  •           2-90 min. 3-Way coaching calls with Mentor
  •           2 Online training modules
  •           1 60 min. Video conference
Oct - Jan

Apr 1-Jul 21


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Coaching Quotable

"Coach Training has helped me to shift from being a control-oriented leader whose ministry was limited to what I knew, could imagine or do, and could control to an empowerer of others who helps them discern and unleash the potential God has placed in them by his grace and Holy Spirit.  While it is much harder and requires more faith in God and others, the coaching model of leadership has vastly more potential because its power is not limited by the abilities of the person in the lead role.  I wish I had these insights and skills the last 25 years."

Dan Bouchelle, President

Missions Resource Network