• CoachingHow does Mission Alive help church planters as they start a new church?
  • How can churches “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12)?
  • How do leaders help Christian identify their calling and gifting by God?
  • How does Mission Alive help church leaders equip members to embody the Kingdom of God in their neighborhoods?
  • How are leaders identified and prepared from one generation to the next?
  • How do new Christians learn to identify the voice of God in their life?

The apostle Paul, in Ephesians 4:11-13, imagines that there is a diversity of equippers operating within the Body of Christ whose role is to help fellow Christians in a variety of ways toward maturity. Yet the contemporary American church has frequently outsourced equipping to Bible colleges and seminaries or reduced equipping to mere Bible knowledge.

Coaching and Spiritual Direction in Mission Alive are equipping orientations. While different in many ways, the purpose of each is to intentionally walk alongside another believer (church planter, church leader or growing Christian) to help him/her listen more closely to God and follow more faithfully.

Mission Alive believes that "no one should plant alone." Every Mission Alive church planter has a coach to work with, who walks alongside the church planter and helps the church planter discover God's leading. The coach helps the church planter develop strategies and implement them at every stage of the church plant.

planting_seedsMission Alive also believes that spiritual formation is at the core of the church and for a church to be formed into the image of Christ, the church planter must be living a life of spiritual formation. Therefore, every Mission Alive church planter has a spiritual director to help him/her focus on his/her personal spiritual life.

Mission Alive’s coaching & spiritual direction training prepares church planters and church leaders to lead with a different perspective. Coaching and spiritual direction reorients leadership from power to empowerment, from telling to listening and from organizational to spiritual. Coaching & Spiriutal Direction training helps church leaders develop leadership orientations and skills to raise up others, walk alongside them and help them fulfill God’s calling in their life.

CoachingAfter completing Mission Training, Mission Alive church planters (and established church leaders) begin working with a coach and a spiritual director. Coaches help the church planter/leader pay attention to God’s leading regarding their ministry while their spiritual director helps him/her pay attention to God’s leading regarding his/her own spiritual formation.

Check out the Catalyze Coach Training and Spiritual Direction sections of our site to learn more about equipping and how you and your ministry could benefit from coaching and/or spiritual direction. If you are interested in training as a coach and spiritual director, contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Coaching Quotable

"Coach Training has helped me to shift from being a control-oriented leader whose ministry was limited to what I knew, could imagine or do, and could control to an empowerer of others who helps them discern and unleash the potential God has placed in them by his grace and Holy Spirit.  While it is much harder and requires more faith in God and others, the coaching model of leadership has vastly more potential because its power is not limited by the abilities of the person in the lead role.  I wish I had these insights and skills the last 25 years."

Dan Bouchelle, President

Missions Resource Network