• Catalyze Coaching will transform your leadership and give you the tools to unlock the growth potential in every person.  Catalyze coaching conversations are spiritual, intentional, relational, and authentic.  They dive deep addressing core beliefs linking goals to motives so that achievements result in growth. As a coach, your conversations will be rich, rewarding, and powerful.  Those you coach will experience sustainable growth and transformation.  Imagine the possibilities of unlocking the potential of the people in your organization.  You can learn to be the catalyst for sustainable growth in others.  

    We offer three levels of training to match your needs

    Level  I - 6hr on-site workshop that provides a hands-on orientation to coaching for teams, staff, and those who lead groups or classes.

    Level  II - A 2.5-day lab that provides an in-depth introduction to coaching including skills practice for shepherds, ministers, ministry leaders who want to incorporate coaching concepts but are not ready for certification.

    Level  III - Our certification track prepares you to use coaching in professional settings.  The certification track prepares you for ICF membership by providing 65 ACSTH hours.  In addition, we offer a special FastTrack package which provides all the training you need to apply for ICF credentials once you complete 100 coaching hours.  (note - there are no prerequisites for level III training)

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  • Catalyze Level I for Ministry is a powerful 6-hour workshop that trains you in basic coaching skills so that your conversations will catalyze spiritual growth.

    For ministry-minded people who engage in spiritually focused conversations, such as shepherds, teachers, small group leaders, church staff, and discipleship cohort leaders
    The onsite workshop will train you and your co-workers in the basics of applied coaching including how to:
    • Think like a coach
    • Ask good questions
    • Listen Authentically
    • Apply healthy accountability

    We'd love to talk with you about conducting this leadership training on your site.  Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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  • Catalyze Level II for Leadership goes beyond the basics preparing you to apply coaching in leadership settings.   

    Perfect for people who have frequent spiritual conversations, work with coaches, supervise ministry leaders, or just want to enhance their coaching skills. Level II training is designed for shepherds, ministers, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and discipleship cohort leaders who want to use coaching in their role but are not ready for the certification track.
    Catalyze Level II for Leadership provides advanced coach training in the Catalyze approach through a 2.5-day interactive workshop. The workshop combines theory with practice giving you both knowledge and skills to begin applying coaching to your leadership setting. Since this is the same workshop we use in our certification track (level III) you can start with level II and then upgrade to level III in the future to complete certification.
    In the Level II workshop you will learn:
    • Theological foundations for Catalyze Coaching
    • The heart of a coach
    • The GEAR model for growth
    • Listening at multiple levels
    • Define SMART goals 
    • Craft solid action plans
    • Assess and Reflect
    • Ask powerful questions
    • Structure conversations
    • Cost: 600.00 / per person
  • Free Coaching Available!

    We believe in the power of coaching so much that we want every church leader to benefit from having a personal leadership coach; a skilled conversation partner who helps you reflect, formulate concrete plans, and move forward. We are offering FREE COACHING to ministry and church leaders on a limited basis by pairing you with one of our Coaches-in-Training.  Our coaches-in-training benefit from working with diverse leaders and you reap the benefits of having a dedicated coach. If you can commit to being coached a minimum of 6 sessions during either our Fall (Aug-Nov) or Spring (Apr-Jul) training cycles, we will do our best to find you a coach.  Just fill in the form below or call Steve Shaffer at (618) 319-3420 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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