Currently our ministry is primarily to children and teens. Last year we had 271 different children and youth come to our outreaches. We have 3 outreaches: The Party (for kids in kind-grade 5), Middle School and High School. There are about 100 kids and teens who come each week. We also try to reach out to families and help parents come to faith in Christ and see entire families transformed by the love of God.

Our values are to follow the Bible, pray deeply, seek God’s mission, follow where he leads us, and embrace ethnic diversity. We also value innovation and entrepreneurial ministry, so we try to do things that are out of the box. Too many people have put Christians and church in a box. By doing ministry that is out of the box, we are able to present a fresh, contextualized and missional approach that helps people take a serious look at the Christian faith.

Our growing edge right now is at Piapot First Nation, a reserve just north of the city. We drive out there twice a week to bring kids to our worship and to our high school outreach. It is a joy to connect with these young people and to see them grow and change. Part of our vision is to see this outreach grow even more so. Our vision is to plant other churches and help existing churches find missional renewal.

About the Mentors

Kevin & Lisa Vance

My passion is to reach out to the last, the lost and the least of these – to help them find hope in Jesus Christ. In our context that includes the poor, the people of North Central Regina (aka “The Hood”), and the Indigenous people of Canada. (There is some overlap between these 3 groups but not always. There are poor people who are not Indigenous and Indigenous people who are not poor, etc.)

We take an incarnational approach to ministry, which means we first moved into the inner city as a family. The reason for this is that people here identify differently with those who live here, from those who don’t. Not to mention the fact that Christ himself gave us an incarnational model to follow! Following that, we spend time serving, loving, encouraging and praying with the people. This earns us some credibility, allows us to make new friends, and also gives us opportunity to connect spiritually with people as we go about our ministries.

The technical stuff: I hold a B.Th. from Western Christian College and a M.Div. from Canadian Theological Seminary. I am also a certified life coach. I have worked for 27 years in full-time Christian ministry… (inhale) 6 years as a preacher, 7 as a youth minister, 3 years as an academic dean, 6 years as president of a Christian school, and 5 as a church planter (exhale). What I do now builds on the skills I learned earlier in life, and is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

What Experiences Will Residents Have?

You will get to work with a pretty cool group of people. There are a variety of things you will do. There are the usual things: preach, teach, visit, pray, reach out, throw water balloons, and play pranks at camp. But then there are the not so usual things: learn how to plant a church, how to make disciples, how to develop leaders, how to minister to the broken and abused and those who are self-harming. Speaking of out of the box, we have 3 church vans, no church building and no church offices. Wait! We have several church offices – wherever there is a Tim Hortons!

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