Redland Hills is a 3 year old church plant in a suburb of Montgomery, AL. Our heart is to love the neighborhoods of the Redland community in Elmore County, Alabama. Our mission is to Connect people with God, live in Community with each other, and share Compassion to our neighbors. People who visit our church are immediately struck by the love and family atmosphere. We work hard to care for one another and provide encouragement through the struggles of life. We are also very engaged in our local elementary school, volunteer fire department, and neighborhoods.

About the Mentors


Wes & Amanda Gunn

Wes Gunn was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. After attending Jeff Davis High School in Montgomery, he graduated from Auburn University (where he met his wife, Amanda) with a degree in Communication. For seven years Wes worked in campus ministry at his home church while working on some grad school classes in missions. Having been transformed in campus ministry himself, he was passionate about spiritual growth in college students. As Wes began to lead students on mission trips around the world, he became more engaged in mission work abroad and eventually transitioned into a new position as Missions Minister. He began working with his church to establish full-time missionary works in various countries from east Asia, Muslim countries, and sub-Sahara Africa. In addition to church planting work with missionaries, Wes has been significantly invested in the lives of orphan children and the establishment of a surgical ministry in the country of Malawi.

That mission heart continued to grow as he and Amanda moved to the Redland Community in 2006. Over the years they felt a burden for this growing community and had several nudges from God towards planting a new church in the area. Through some relationships built around discipleship, God brought together several families with the same heart and passion to establish a new church. In the fall of 2013 Wes dedicated himself full-time to establishing the Redland Hills Church with a group of families in order to focus on the 52% of people in Elmore County who claim no church affiliation. Both he and his wife are regularly involved in community activities to make the community a better place and serve their neighbors. While working towards the growth of this new faith family, he remains committed to the mission works he has been a part of around the world by serving as the President of the Chikondi Health Foundation. He is also on the board of 100X Development Foundation, the Elmore County Pregnancy Center, and a member of the Emerald Mountain Volunteer Fire Department.
He and Amanda married in 2002 and have two children, Taylor & Lilly, both of whom attend Redland Elementary. Amanda is a staff member of Agape of Central Alabama.

What Experiences Will Residents Have?

Residents will learn what the feel of a new, semi-rural church plant is like and the importance of planting where people live. You’ll participate in planning and leading our worship gatherings, participate and organize a variety of ministries, engage and learn to lead a missional community, and work on developing relationships in our community. This will include direct mentoring by Wes.

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