Missio Alliance: Mission Alive values our partnership with Missio Alliance. Visit their site for great resources and rich content.

Sentralized: Powered by the Forge Network, Sentralized is a conference focused on bringing clarity to the missional conversation.

Missio: A missional resourcing ministry helping church planters and leaders rediscover the Mission. Missio is based in Colorado and directed by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, authors of The Tangible Kingdom and the Tangible Kingdom Primer.

3dm Ministries: A learning community devoted to developing a discipleship culture out of which form missional communities. While 3dm started in Sheffield England over 30 years ago, they have resourced, coached and equipped North American church planters and church leaders since about 2003.  Their vision is to CHANGE the world by putting DISCIPLESHIP and MISSION back into the hands of ordinary people.

CoachNet Global: The oldest Christian coach training organization. CoachNet has trained more Christian coaches than perhaps any other single organization. Further, they have resourced more Christain coach training organizations than any other. Founded by Bob Logan, church planter, coach and leadership consultant, since 2010 CoachNet has been led by Jonathan Reitz.

Forge America: A network of missional leaders started by Alan Hirsch, author of numberous books on becoming more missional. Forge America connects missional church leaders together and provides them iwth helpful resources.

Missional Outreach Network: A social media site connecting missionally-minded leaders with one another and ministry resources. Founded by James Nored, MON provides discussion forums, networking and resourcing to the missional church.

Passion for Church Planting: A resource for finding low-cost, high-quality products and services tailored to the needs of church planters and church planting organizations. This site provides basic resources for missions education. Special features of the site include a missions dictionary, missions quotes by topic, and Monthly Missiological Reflections.

The Network for Strategic Missions: This resource provides the most comprehensive list of resources for research in the study of missions. The archive includes past sources from the most significant periodicals at minimal charge. The Knowledge base is the easiest way to access significant topics.

North Central Texas Council of Governments: A great demographics resource for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

MissionInsite provides churches and church planters with a wide variety of demographic information. They have multiple packages that give increasingly complex information.

The Gospel and Our Culture Network:

The Gospel and Our Culture Network has been spawned by:

  • the cultural currents of Western society and ethnic tradition that have shaped how we live in North America.
  • the rapid changes taking place as we move from a "modern" to "postmodern" form of society.
  • the growing un-ease of the church as it experiences a dislocation from its prior places of importance.

The aim is to explore what these things mean, under the light of the gospel, for the life and witness of the church.

Wayfarer Coaching Group: This site provides coaching and spiritual direction for thos in ministry and Christians seeking to develop greater focus, get some traction toward a goal or grow deeper in their relationship with God.

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